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How We Achieve Select Demolition Services in Cincinnati

Environmental Demolition Group serves the Greater Cincinnati area as well as projects in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and other points in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states.

We handle select demolition services, also called selective demolition, for Cincinnati. Our leadership team has more than 60 years of combined experience in select demolition, one of our company’s specialties. 

Today’s blog talks about how we achieve select demolition services in Cincinnati. 

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What are select demolition services?

Also known as selective demolition, a select demolition project removes specific interior or exterior portions of a building while protecting and preserving the load-bearing structures so developers can renovate the building after select demolition is complete.

What happens during select demolition services in Cincinnati?

First, our team has a conversation with you about the specific requirements for the project. We’ll go over as much information as you have, including diagrams, architectural drawings, history of the property, any nearby structures that might interfere with the project, and any utility lines with electricity and water.

Site Surveying and Planning for the Select Demolition Site

Then, we undertake surveying and planning of the site. Our team will examine the building and property to see what types of materials we’re dealing with and the layout of the building. We’ll also make sure any plans we have match what the site looks like in person. Part of the site survey includes making sure utilities are all off before we work at the facility. 

Determine Who Works at the Select Demolition Site in Cincinnati

We’ll discuss what team members are best to work at the site, and we’ll assign a project manager to oversee the day-to-day operations and activities at the select demolition site. Environmental Demolition Group has daily meetings as the work begins in the morning to make sure all team members at the building know what to expect and what to do.

Create an Egress Path for Materials for Select Demolition

As we move through the site, we’ll create an egress path for materials. Some materials we will preserve for later use, like certain ceiling tiles that someone might refurbish and reinstall during the renovation. Other materials we might recycle. Any hazardous materials will be disposed of properly, whether we find asbestos, lead, or even PCBs. Each type of hazardous material requires a certain type of handling and disposal to prevent environmental contamination.

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