Community institutions such as libraries, religious buildings and museums form the bedrock of cities and neighborhoods. Sometimes, these places need renovations, expansions, or moves to accommodate the shift needs of the current populace.  

Many institutions are as old as the communities they serve. They want to maintain the history of their facilities while continuing to be there for the people who rely on them.

Man looking up at the ceiling of a historic building
Man working on the side of a brick building

Hazardous Materials Removal

Environmental Demolition Group helps your institution renovate an existing structure or rehabilitate a building you purchased before you move or expand into it. Our teams perform asbestos removal, mold remediation, and hazardous material removal as part of our select demolition services.

Afterward, construction and renovation teams can work together to create the building of your dreams that allows you to serve your patrons while preserving the history of your institution’s service to the community.

Preserving the History of Your Building

The team at Environmental Demolition Group can help you update the interior of your space while preserving the history and sanctity of the building. We’ll have open and honest discussions about our processes while taking into account the requests of stakeholders in your project.

old church building

Trust Environmental Demolition Group

Contact Environmental Demolition Group for your select demolition needs. We partner with you to deliver the best possible results for your institution, so you can continue to deliver services to your vibrant community.