Manufacturers may find it’s cheaper to renovate an older structure to meet their needs. Structurally sound buildings can still offer an excellent opportunity for your company, particularly if you’re looking to save up-front costs on the purchase of a new building before you move your equipment to the site.

Environmental Demolition Group can start the process of abatement and remediation before contractors begin their renovation work.

Select Demolition Services

Manufacturers represent a stable force in America’s economy. This sector forms a barometer of the economy as a whole. As such, manufacturing facilities may receive tax incentives for renovation and construction services. One type of incentive can reduce the costs of rehabilitating older buildings to bring them up to your modern standards.

Environmental Demolition Group works mainly with interior and select demolition when you want to renovate, convert, and rejuvenate an existing building. Our expert team performs select demolition on structures of any age. We’ll honor the building’s history while giving you a facility that meets your needs, even if you plan to expand the current building for future growth.

Initial Facility Preparation

Manufacturing facilities need plenty of planning and preparation, from loading docks and factory floors to employee spaces and storage space. Environmental Demolition Group gets your site ready by removing every kind of hazardous waste that may be found in the building.


You receive documentation of our work to give you peace of mind that your manufacturing facility is free from hazardous waste before your general contractor moves to the renovation and construction phase. If anyone has any questions later, such as potential buyers or crews expanding your operations, you have the documents ready for stakeholder review.

Environmental Demolition Group Readies Your Manufacturing Facility

Contact Environmental Demolition Group for all of your select and interior demolition needs. We handle all phases of select demolition, from feasibility studies and site prep to removing structural elements and stripping out interior spaces. Reach out to our team today for more information!