EDG Services

Our abatement and remediation services take care of hazardous wastes that are harmful to people and the surrounding areas. We go into your structure, remove any contaminants by demolishing and/or cleaning the interior of your building.

Abatement & Remediation

Abatement means to end, reduce, or lessen something. For construction, conversion, and renovation projects, abatement indicates that something must be removed from the site to make it safe for future inhabitants.

EDG is the contractor of choice for environmental clean-up concerns and abatement on construction projects.

Our expert team handles these environmental contaminants and hazards, among others:

Remediation means we stop and reverse environmental damage as much as possible. Our team remedies the contamination found in your buildings. Not only do we remove the contaminants by carrying them off the site, but we clean the surfaces and structural elements that must remain for construction crews to renovate and covert your structure.

Did a pipe break in your facility and you need interior structures remediated to prevent mold build-up? Did your facility fall victim to a fire? We take care of those situations after the immediate problem is solved. 

Select/Interior Demolition

Select/interior demolition services from EDG include removing anything inside of a building while leaving the superstructure for the construction company.

We’re your single source for all of your interior demolition needs.

Other Services

Select/interior demolition services from EDG include abatement, remediation, and environmental cleanup of hazardous materials of interior spaces.

Dry Ice Blasting

Safely removes paint, rust, and other surface contaminants without damaging the surface.


Our teams use sandblasting primarily on metals, because the grit of the sand doesn’t harm the hard surface.

Hazmat Removal

Any other hazardous materials on your property? Contact us.

Fire Damage Restoration

We’ll clean up your commercial building in the event of a fire.

Problems We Solve

We solve many problems inherent in major renovation and conversion projects when there are environmental contaminants and hazardous materials present on the site. Our experts remove asbestos, lead, mold, bat guano, and other environmental contaminants from your building. 

We offer so much more than just abatement and remediation.

We go the extra mile to

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