interior of a stripped out building in downtown cincinnati

Why Our Experienced Staff Makes Us a Top Select Demolition Company for Cincinnati

Environmental Demolition Group is proud to be a part of the Greater Cincinnati community. Our roots here run deep as several of our staff members grew up in this area and have seen our beautiful city transform into a place we want to thrive in.

Read on to find out why we love the work we do and why we’re a top select demolition company in Cincinnati.


Owner Shawn McGinness learned the industry for 15 years before establishing the Environmental Demolition Group in 2004. Joe Hummel, the director of EDG, came on in 2013 after spending several years with Shawn at their previous company.

Shawn has more than three decades of experience to anchor our core group of 35 employees with more than a century of combined experience in the industry. 

Varied Projects

Both Shawn and Joe have seen it all in their decades in the industry. 

Among their projects include:

  • A historic skyscraper in downtown Cincinnati
  • Victorian-era homes on a military base
  • Fire stations
  • Swimming pools
  • An old school of historic significance in Cincinnati
  • Former site of a GM factory
  • Old coal-fired power plant remediation
  • Former elementary school sites

Locations of projects have included:

  • Ohio
  • Kentucky
  • Tennessee
  • Indiana
  • Wisconsin
  • Iowa
  • Virginia

We take on anywhere from 150 to 200 projects a year, mostly in our core states of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. However, we hold licenses in 11 states.

“We travel, and we can perform selective demolition and environmental cleanup in any building type, so we work across industries. In the span of a week, we may work on a military base, a high school, and downtown commercial building, and a power plant,” says Joe Hummel.

High Levels of Collaboration

Our company recognizes the high and often complicated level of coordination needed across various trades and consultants. We discuss projects with engineers, excavators, electricians, plumbers, general contractors, developers, architects, tradespeople, subcontractors, superintendents, and project managers, among many others.

“Our role really is to illuminate the unknown and find a way to deal with it,” Joe says.

Many environmental hazards are unseen and unknown to property owners and even developers once they begin to plan for a project. Owners may not know there are contaminants in floors, pipes, ceilings, walls, window frames, and other structures.

Even when developers and owners go into panic mode when a negative report comes back, our team doesn’t flinch. We always remain calm as we solve problems on each of our unique projects. We challenge ourselves to think outside the box to deliver what needs to be done on a site that must preserve the history, sanctity, and load-bearing capacity of buildings while following federal and state regulations.

One such problem occurred in the former School for Creative Performing Arts building in Downtown Cincinnati. Originally built in 1855, we needed to remove two swimming pools, one of which was on the fifth floor, while preserving the load-bearing walls. One solution was to shore up the area with a concrete floor for the loft apartments.

Talk to a Top Selective Demolition Company in Cincinnati

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