Selective Demolition

Our selective demolition services focus on the interior and exterior of your building. We help you convert, renovate, or restore existing structures to your exact specifications. The highly experienced team at Environmental Demolition Group also regenerates your property by removing any hazardous and general waste.

Interior Demolition

Environmental Demolition Group performs interior demolition when you want to renovate, convert, or remodel an existing building. Whether the structure is 10 years old or 100, we’ll take great care of your building. 

Interior demolition may involve removing structural pieces contaminated with asbestos, lead, mold, and other hazardous waste. We can also dismantle and remove any parts of the building that aren’t a part of the modern architectural plans and drawings, whether they’re contaminated or not. Our teams follow your precise instructions so construction crews have a clean interior to work with for the remodel and conversion.

Building Strip-Out

Sometimes you need to start with a blank slate before you can create your dream structure. A building strip-out means we remove everything that’s not vital to the building’s integrity.

Non-load bearing walls, ancient boiler systems, old ductwork, all electrical wires, windows, doors, trash, and debris are just some of the examples of the items we remove. If any of these things are contaminated with asbestos, lead, mold, or other environmental contaminants, we handle these hazardous materials properly and according to regulations.

Inside of a Build Completely Stripped Out
Man removing asbestos on roof

Exterior Demolition

Environmental Demolition Group also performs select demolition on exterior structures that may harbor hazardous materials. 

Asbestos could be found in roofing adhesives and tar on older buildings. Our crews might find asbestos in window caulking and glazing.

Our team removes these items with care and attention to detail on every project, while following government regulations per jurisdiction.