Schools represent a cornerstone of the community. They nurture future generations to become leaders and viable members of society with patience, knowledge, and principles of free-thinking.

They should also be places where kids can learn in safety and comfort.

We Understand Tight Budgets

Environmental Demolition Group understands you are working with a tight budget. That may be why you’re investing in an existing building rather than going for new construction. 

We’ll be honest about the costs associated with our services. Full remediation and rejuvenation of a site, even before renovation work begins, is extensive and comprehensive. However, you’ll receive a job done right. We remove asbestos, mold, hazardous waste, underground storage tanks, and just about anything that can cause harm to human health.

Our Team Doesn't Cut Corners

We’ve been in this business a long time, so we understand the federal, state, and local regulations our staff must meet for site remediation. As such, we don’t cut corners. When you receive a comprehensive plan from us, we show you precisely what you get. On-site teams have daily plans of action for work, and all of those days add up to a completed job that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Full Documentation Upon Completion

As a public entity, you answer to voters. But you also answer to the school board and parents. Upon project completion, you receive a clearance letter and complete documentation of the time and scope of work, as well as the building’s current status. You have a full set of documents to ease the concerns of parents or school board members who have questions, comments, or concerns.

Environmental Demolition Group Readies Your School Building

Contact Environmental Demolition Group for remediation and rejuvenation of your current or future school building. We’ll consult with you about your needs, outline what we can do, and have an honest discussion about your budget.