From Ruins to Renovation: Unveiling the Hidden Potential of Old Buildings

Exterior of Old Being Being Renovated

Historic buildings challenge a developer’s creativity and resourcefulness. As such, rehabilitating an old building may be the perfect thing for you because it can save money in the long run.  With hard work, dedication, and imagination, it is possible to transform forgotten architecture into something modern and unique, allowing investors to bring these buildings back […]

6 Ways Your Select Demolition Project Costs Can Change

Old Building Renovation

You’ve got a fantastic site for your next facility, office space, or multi-use project. Select demolition might be one facet of your overall project scope. It’s vital to understand the basic costs of select demolition, which can vary greatly depending on several factors. We’ll go over six considerations to keep in mind as you look […]

What Are PCBs and Why Are They Dangerous to Public Health?

Old electrical transformers containing PCBs

PCB, or polychlorinated biphenyls, were widely used in electrical equipment and industrial facilities from 1929 until the 1980s. Its insulating properties made PCB useful for cooling, heat transfer, and hydraulic equipment. PCBs were also found in paints, plasticizers, caulk, cable insulation, thermal insulation, pigments, dyes, and rubber products. Most commonly, polychlorinated biphenyls were put into […]

Guide for Developing a Historic Building

Historic building in need of renovation

You found the perfect location for your business. It sees a lot of traffic, and the facility gets noticed as people drive by. But the site is older. It hasn’t had tenants in years, or the current tenant has been on the property for a very long time, and the For Sale sign has been […]

How We Achieve Select Demolition Services in Cincinnati

Inside of a Build Completely Stripped Out

Environmental Demolition Group serves the Greater Cincinnati area as well as projects in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and other points in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states. We handle select demolition services, also called selective demolition, for Cincinnati. Our leadership team has more than 60 years of combined experience in select demolition, one of our company’s specialties.  […]

Bat Guano Clean-Up FAQs

Bat Guano on an Old Building’s Wooden Structure

Environmental Demolition Group handles every kind of select demolition your company requires, from lead abatement and asbestos removal to mold remediation and PCB remediation. Today’s blog focuses on answering frequently asked questions about bat guano clean-up. What is bat guano? Bat guano is another term for bat droppings. What does bat guano look like? They […]

How Select Demolition Preserves the History of Buildings

Historic buildings have intrinsic value, contain hidden valuable gems (symbolically), and are reminders of a city’s culture and complexity. Preserving historic buildings also conserves resources, reduces waste, and saves money by repairing and reusing existing structures instead of building new ones. Not surprisingly, there are many reasons why a construction team may want to preserve […]

What’s the Process Behind Select Demolition Services?

Man working on the side of a brick building

In some instances, the full demolition of a structure isn’t necessary or advantageous. For example, maybe the overall structure of your building and its mechanical systems are still in great shape but you need to modify the building to enhance or change its functionality. In these cases, a demo method called “select demolition” may come […]