You found a gorgeous building downtown. It can be a showpiece for your tenants or residents with a bit of work, whether you’re looking for loft apartments, condos, office space, corporate headquarters, manufacturing, or retail space.

Before you start renovating, the older building may need remediation. That’s where the Environmental Demolition Group comes into play.

Prep Your Building First

Rejuvenating and older space can be more cost-effective than starting from scratch, especially if you have a prime location that gets a lot of traffic. Environmental Demolition Group can help with select demolition, asbestos removal, and mold remediation on the site before your renovation contractors get into the building.

Consultative Approach

We take a consultative approach to your project from Day One, partnering with you. We listen to your requirements during each conversation, discuss how to achieve the best results, and reassure you that we will clean your site of any environmental hazards. We also remove underground storage tanks and remediate any dangers associated with them.

Your Dream Space Starts With Effective Remediation

You have the interior’s architectural drawings, and you have 3-D renderings of how the space will look. For older buildings, you may need remediation for your development. We remove asbestos, mold, lead, hazardous chemicals, and toxic substances that can create health problems for people in your buildings. 


Whether you’re prepping to sell or rent, we work with developers to provide a comprehensive scope of select demolition services. Once our work is complete, you receive a clearance letter and all documentation of what we accomplished on the site.

Environmental Demolition Group Is Your Trusted Partner

Contact Environmental Demolition Group for all of your select and interior demolition needs as you begin the rehab of your older building. We’ll discuss your requirements and be honest with you about costs, the scope of work, and what your site may need.