AC Delco Plant 2 in Dayton

Our Largest Project to Date in Dayton, Ohio, Helps Convert a Classic Retail Space Into a Mixed-Use Space

Environmental Demolition Group works on selective demolition projects throughout the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states. Based near Cincinnati, we are in the midst of our largest project to date in the heart of Dayton.

Find out how we’re helping a developer convert a massive building into a mixed-use space filled with 100 apartments coupled with thousands of square feet of retail and office space, notes WDTN.

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What is the history behind the Mendelson’s Building?

When you think of quality auto parts, ACDelco comes to mind. Although based in Detroit, ACDelco has had a long-time presence in Dayton. 

Dayton Engineering Laboratory outgrew its original building in 1911 and expanded into downtown Dayton with three huge buildings known as Plant 1, Plant 2, and Plant 3 along the waterfront.

Plant 2 was built on the site of the old Swaynie House Hotel. That inn housed farmers and merchants shipping their wares along the Miami and Erie Canal. The hotel was constructed in 1839 before making way for the Delco plant 70 years later. 

ACDelco left Dayton in the 1980s, and the building was taken over by a liquidation store called Mendelson Liquidation Outlet. The developers, Crawford Hoying and Woodard Development, purchased the building in the fall of 2019 for $7.325 million, according to Dayton Daily News. The final sale at the Dayton institution was on Dec. 31, 2021, to make room for the renovations. The developers delayed their project due to the pandemic.  

What became of the old Delco plants? 

Plant 1 was renovated and converted into Delco Lofts.  Plant 3 was demolished to make way for Day Air Ballpark, home of the Dragons. 

Plant 2 is undergoing select demolition ahead of renovations, right across the street from the baseball stadium and next door to a brand-new hotel under construction for Marriott scheduled to open in January 2023. 

Plant 2 is what our team is focusing on. The humongous building is eight stories tall and a whopping 500,000 square feet. Although not very tall, the red-brick building is a behemoth near the waterfront. It takes up half a city block. It’s solid and is 110 years old.

How is Environmental Demolition Group working on Plant 2?

This development is part of the massive $500 million of upcoming investments for Water Street, with over 700 residential units since 2015. The completely renovated Plant 2 will likely open in late 2023, notes Dayton Daily News. The occupancy rate of the current development has been above 90 percent, which is a testament to the investment going to handle the needs of the citizens of Dayton.

Our team has been completing an entire strip-out of the interior of the building. All structural members will remain intact. We’ll also remove the old windows. Most of the interior of the building sprawls across seven floors, which comes to around 70,000 square feet per floor. 

We’ve also had to navigate construction work directly across the street with a hotel going up. And we also have infrastructure going over one busy city street to remove trash and debris effectively and efficiently from the site.

We’re proud to help the people of Dayton with this project. Our experienced staff works closely with all stakeholders to ensure a project comes to fruition.

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