The hospitality industry serves a special place in its communities, many of them offering rich history that goes back decades or even centuries. Your chosen building has a fantastic location that fits your clientele and brand’s vibe.

Before you renovate the interior structure, it must have all hazardous materials removed. You might not even know they are there. An inspection team will look at the property before the close of the sale. If the building was constructed before 1982, you might have contaminants on your property such as asbestos, lead-based paint, or other hazardous materials. You must clean up any mold found in your property, too.

Environmental Demolition Group is your source for select demolition and hazardous material removal and remediation.

Properties of Any Size

Whether you have a 100-year-old high rise perfect for a large hotel or a cozy 1960s storefront for a corner cafe, Environmental Demolition Group can remove hazardous materials from your location. Our team works with your developer and general contractor to ensure we take care of all aspects of select demolition. We examine the following teams for possible removal or remediation:

Respecting History

The ceiling has beautiful tin tiles you want to keep. One part of the floor has gorgeous mosaic tiles installed when the building first went up in the 1920s. You even like the wood paneling installed in 1975.

Our team respects the history of the building as much as possible. We do our best to preserve any historical or period design elements you want to retain.

The Environmental Demolition Group team takes a consultative approach during every step of the process. We’ll talk to you about what we can do to maintain the rich history of your building.

What is Select Demolition?

Select demolition involves removing components, portions of structures, and interior and exterior finishes while protecting the remaining structure. Our goal is to remove hazardous waste and materials, so your building is ready for renovation.

Hazards we remove include:

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Contact Environmental Demolition Group for all of your select and interior demolition needs as you get ready to serve customers at your hotel, restaurant, or bar space. We’ll make sure your building is up to modern standards by removing hazardous materials ahead of renovations and improvements that meet your requirements.