Government projects must be conducted thoroughly and carefully, but also within budgets and timeframes. Government agencies answer to voters, and we understand that here at Environmental Demolition Group.

When you consult with us, we bottom-line our services and outline precisely what you get when you contract with us.

Work Done Properly

Remediating and renovating an aging building may be the last thing on your mind for a budget priority. You have citizens who need assistance. But we understand that you can’t serve your constituents without a building that works properly and maintains the safety and sanctity of everyone who enters.


Environmental Demolition Group works mainly with interior and select demolition for existing buildings. Our team remediates mold, removes asbestos, and handles any environmental contaminants such as lead paint or hazardous chemicals. We’ll also take care of underground storage tanks on a site for new construction. We strive to honor the structure’s history while preparing it for modernization, such as installing new lighting, cables, plumbing, and electrical wiring.

Proper Licenses

Before our expert teams start work on any site, we make sure we’re appropriately licensed to work on a project. Our select demolition experts stay up-to-date on state and federal regulations and licenses. We continually educate ourselves on best practices from the EPA and OSHA. We also have daily team meetings on the site to communicate needs so our employees know what to do on any given day.

Voter Questions? No Problem

Some voters and constituents will no doubt have questions about the project. We’re happy to help you mitigate those questions with our role as consultants. Public input on projects is essential. Our experts will be there to answer questions from the public.

We’ll also give you a clearance letter and complete documentation of what we accomplished through our remediation and rejuvenation services on your property once the project is complete. Your building’s facility manager can keep these files on hand when inspectors, engineers, or contractors have questions in the future. They can see the details of the work performed, how, and when. 

Environmental Demolition Group never cuts corners. Your government building will be ready for any renovation or construction work once we finish our job.

Your Government Building, Remediated by Environmental Demolition Group

Talk to Environmental Demolition Group for all of your select and interior demolition needs for your government project. We understand the need to stay on a budget, voter concerns, and get the job done right the first time without wasting taxpayer dollars.