You’re a business owner who found the perfect location for your shop, factory, or office space. It fits your requirements, and it has just the right amount of charm you want. Even better, you don’t have to build from scratch.

But the property has some hidden dangers noted by an inspection team. That’s where Environmental Demolition Group helps you manage the renovation and reduce your costs.

Rejuvenating an Older Building

It may be cheaper to renovate and rejuvenate an older building versus building a new one from scratch. Or perhaps your business has a rich history, and you want to display that with your facility. But it still must be up to code and be safe for your employees and customers. 


Environmental Demolition Group works mainly with interior and select demolition when you want to renovate, convert, and rejuvenate an existing building. Our expert team performs select demolition on structures of any age. We’ll honor the building’s history while giving you something you can be proud of when showcasing your brand.

Prepare Your Updated Space

We prepare the interior space for your business to house employees, residents, or customers. Environmental Demolition Group removes all mold, asbestos, contaminants, and anything that can cause problems with the building’s environment. 

Once everything is clean, you’re ready to make your building into a dream space!

Historic building in need of renovation

Complete Documentation for Peace of Mind

After we clean up your site’s interior, we provide every bit of documentation you need to progress to the renovation phase. You also receive a clearance letter stating that the site is free of the contaminants we removed. You’ll need this documentation if employees, customers, residents, or potential buyers have questions or concerns about your site’s viability. Inspectors may also request the documentation from time to time.

Environmental Demolition Group Readies Your Commercial Space

Contact Environmental Demolition Group for all of your select and interior demolition needs as you prepare your commercial space. We’ll have an honest discussion. Once hired, our experts will develop a comprehensive plan to take care of your commercial property to satisfy your exacting requirements.