Did you find the perfect location for your store? Is it a fixer-upper? Your vision for your storefront needs a viable partner who shares in your passion for creating a beautiful space for employees, customers, and the community.

Retail spaces must stand out from the competition. Having a unique charm represents one way to do this. Environmental Demolition Group helps you achieve your business goals through select demolition and remediation of an older building, a process that may save you money over new construction.

Site Preparation

It may be cheaper to renovate and rejuvenate an older site versus building a new one from scratch. This is particularly true if you have a fantastic location that gets a lot of vehicle and foot traffic. We understand you want to get into your building quickly, but the site must be appropriately prepared to ensure the health and safety of your employees and customers.

Starting with a Clean Canvas

Choosing select demolition services from Environmental Demolition Group means you start with a clean canvas to paint your vision of the building’s interior. Want to keep the exposed brick walls? We can make sure they don’t have hazardous materials on them. Need a modern HVAC system? Our team can remove the old one and the old ductwork before a new HVAC system is installed.

Environmental Demolition Group allows you to create a clean slate for the construction and renovation company to begin work. We’ll help you transform your space into a gorgeous retail area your employees and customers will love, whether you showcase your boutique, artwork, groceries, clothing, hardware, home decor, or specialty items.

Full Documentation

After we clean up your site’s interior, we provide every bit of documentation you need to progress to the renovation phase. You also receive a clearance letter stating that the site is free of the contaminants we removed. You’ll need this documentation for employees, customers, or future buyers who have questions or concerns. Building inspectors may also request the documentation at some point.

Partner With Environmental Demolition Group

Contact Environmental Demolition Group for select demolition before renovating your retail space. We’ll have an honest discussion about what it will take to bring your building up to modern standards. Once hired, our experts will develop a comprehensive plan to take care of your retail space as we help turn it into your dream store for customers and employees.