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How Environmental Demolition Group Helped an Ohio School District Turn Two Older Buildings Into Verdant Green Space

At Environmental Demolition Group, we assist in renovation projects by removing hazardous materials from old, outdated buildings. We contracted the demolition and cleanup of an elementary school in Lebanon, Ohio. We performed asbestos removal before starting the demolition process. The goal of the renovation was to redevelop the school as a green space for the city. Read on to discover more details about this asbestos abatement and renovation project for Holbrook Elementary School in Lebanon, Ohio. 

Project Overview 

The need for the project was to create a long-term solution for the deteriorating schools and provide education spaces that meet state standards. In 2005 Holbrook Elementary started as a redevelopment project due to hazardous conditions that required remediation. Issues with the elementary school included cracks, leaks in the infrastructure, poor drainage, lack of insulation, worn-out exteriors, and conditions that did not meet compliance codes for the health and safety of students. The demolition process was completed so the area could be turned into a green space maintained by the district. Cleanup tasks involved asbestos abatement and waste removal. 

The Environmental Demolition Group Process for Asbestos Abatement

When a development project requires asbestos abatement, the first step is evaluation. There is a walk-through process to determine the preparation process, how long the process will take, and how much of the area requires treatment. Asbestos removal happens in 4 steps: sealing the area, removing the material, vacuuming the waste, and the final cleanup. 

Sealing the Area for Asbestos Abatement  

Asbestos is a toxic substance, and only qualified abatement contractors should handle removal. Thoroughly removing the material for the Holbrook Elementary project required sealing off any air ducts, disabling HVAC systems, and covering up the walls, floors, and ceiling areas with thick plastic sheet material. The sealing process is essential for asbestos removal to avoid air contamination. 

Removing the Material

Contractors wear respirators and protective clothing to avoid inhaling or coming into contact with any hazardous material. All asbestos materials are placed into waste disposal bags, moved through a decontamination area, and separated for removal. We use special vacuums to gather the remaining smaller materials and minimize spreading throughout the air. 

Final Clean Up

After the removal is complete, another evaluation ensures no traces of asbestos remain in the air and that the area meets the criteria to continue demolition. 

Turning Holbrook Elementary Into a Green Space

The project was expected to begin in early February of 2022 and be completed in May. After asbestos abatement, the elementary school demolition took about three weeks to complete. The development project required turning the elementary school into a green space and redeveloping the neighboring Holbrook junior high school.  

This project was created as a master facilities plan for all Holbrook schools organized by the Lebanon City Schools organization. The city school worked with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission to implement the project plan. 

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