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How Environmental Demolition Group Performed Environmental Cleanup of an Old General Motors Plant in Wisconsin

At Environmental Demolition Group, we demolish old, outdated buildings. We contracted the demolition and cleanup of Wisconsin’s most profitable general motors companies before they closed down in 2008. Read on to discover more details about this cleanup and renovation project. 

Project Overview 

Janesville General Motors (GM) was a significant part of Wisconsin’s history. The demolition project was set to last 18-24 months based on the size of the facility. After GM was purchased by the Commercial Development Company Inc. (CDC) in 2017, there were high hopes for redevelopment. Project managers saw the demolition as an opportunity to start fresh and create a space for new jobs and more revenue in Janesville. Cleanup tasks involved asbestos abatement and waste removal. 

History of Janesville General Motors

Janesville General Motors was a Wisconsin landmark and motors company in 1919. The facility had over 7,000 employees and stretched over 48 million square feet in size. That’s the size of 106 football fields combined! It was the oldest and largest operating plant in the state before shutting down operations in December 2008. The building remained an abandoned landmark before the CDC purchased the facility for rebuilding. 

Starting a New Chapter 

The former building was an opportunity for a fresh start. The CDC claimed that Janesville had a strong workforce that could create new businesses and attract employers. The redevelopment was a turning point for Janesville. The city benefited from General Motors and its revenue for over a century, but it was time to start anew in our modern world. The company envisioned a smooth transition for restoration and future economic growth. 

The project began in March 2018. Environmental Demolition Group, among other contractors, worked to demolish the building from the inside out. The estimated time of completion was between the years 2020 to 2021. 

Plans for Redevelopment

The former General Motors (GM) site received a $500,000 grant to continue demolition as scheduled. Redevelopment plans were in the air for the site as officials considered the area for retail and commercial development. 

With tons of GM material still onsite, the cleanup progress would take longer than expected. This delayed the CDC’s original plans for development. 

Environmental Demolition Group worked on removing the scrap metal and concrete slabs with heavy-duty machinery and other resources. Environmental Demolition Group is a proud demolition and waste management services and restoration provider. 

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