Why Is Mold Dangerous to Public Health?

Old Building Needing Rehabilitation

Humans breathe in mold every day in minute amounts. Mold spores are much more prevalent in damp and dark places where mold is fruitful and multiplies when left undisturbed.  We’ll explain why mold is dangerous to public health and why remediation must happen before human occupation, either with an old commercial building or a business […]

Mold Remediation FAQs

Water damage and mold in a room

Environmental Demolition Group specializes in select demolition services, including removing or remediating mold from properties. In today’s blog, we answer several mold remediation FAQs. What is mold remediation? This is a process that removes mold from an indoor environment with the goal of returning mold to natural levels. Once the mold is removed, companies clean […]

Health Problems Caused by Mold in Your Building

Mold remediation crew looking over a building

Sometimes mold growth can occur at construction or select demolition sites. This is often due to issues like poor site drainage, water buildup, product and procedural issues, or design flaws and defects that allow moisture to enter a building and affect the construction materials.  Mold remediation for construction projects should only be handled by experienced […]