Lead Exposure: A Hidden Threat in Your Older Building

Lead paint peeling off old building wall

If you live or work in an old building, you may face a hidden danger: lead exposure. Many older buildings, especially those built before 1978, were constructed with lead materials. While lead-based paint has been banned for decades, it can still be found in many older buildings, lurking beneath layers of newer paint.  This poses […]

Lead Abatement Methods Used on Commercial Sites

Old Building Under Renovation

Historic buildings challenge a developer’s creativity and resourcefulness. But they are also a vital part of the community that needs to be preserved and re-used for future generations as part of historic preservation.  As such, rehabilitating an old building may be the perfect thing for you because it can save money from new construction if […]

Lead Abatement FAQs

Lead Hazard Sign

What is lead abatement? Lead abatement occurs when someone needs to permanently remove lead from a site, building, or property. Why is lead abatement necessary? This process is required for the safety of workers, customers, and the public who spend time in the building because lead is a public health hazard. What are the health […]