How Environmental Demolition Group Performed Environmental Cleanup of an Old General Motors Plant in Wisconsin

Janesville Wisconsin

At Environmental Demolition Group, we demolish old, outdated buildings. We contracted the demolition and cleanup of Wisconsin’s most profitable general motors companies before they closed down in 2008. Read on to discover more details about this cleanup and renovation project.  Project Overview  Janesville General Motors (GM) was a significant part of Wisconsin’s history. The demolition […]

Bat Guano Clean-Up FAQs

Bat Guano on an Old Building’s Wooden Structure

Environmental Demolition Group handles every kind of select demolition your company requires, from lead abatement and asbestos removal to mold remediation and PCB remediation. Today’s blog focuses on answering frequently asked questions about bat guano clean-up. What is bat guano? Bat guano is another term for bat droppings. What does bat guano look like? They […]

Lead Abatement FAQs

Lead Hazard Sign

What is lead abatement? Lead abatement occurs when someone needs to permanently remove lead from a site, building, or property. Why is lead abatement necessary? This process is required for the safety of workers, customers, and the public who spend time in the building because lead is a public health hazard. What are the health […]

Mold Remediation FAQs

Water damage and mold in a room

Environmental Demolition Group specializes in select demolition services, including removing or remediating mold from properties. In today’s blog, we answer several mold remediation FAQs. What is mold remediation? This is a process that removes mold from an indoor environment with the goal of returning mold to natural levels. Once the mold is removed, companies clean […]