Structures Inside Older Buildings That May Contain Asbestos

basement pipes wrapped in asbestos insulation

Do you suspect that an older structure your company owns may contain asbestos materials? Trying to remove them yourself can disturb the fibers, releasing them into the air and increasing the chance that you, your crew, or loved ones can inhale them. These fibers penetrate the lungs, leading to mesothelioma, lung illnesses, and cancers.  You […]

Why Was Asbestos Such a Popular Building Material?

Concrete sheets with asbestos in them on a roof

Many people do not realize that asbestos is a naturally occurring material. It’s also been used for millennia, as we noted in our last blog. No one knows exactly when or how it was discovered, but those looking to build homes and empires quickly realized the critical importance of this material. Today, the professionals at […]

Asbestos FAQs

Asbestos with warning signs, breathing masks, and goggles

Environmental Demolition Group specializes in select demolition services, including removing or abating hazardous materials from sites. Asbestos removal is one of our strong points. In today’s blog, we answer several asbestos FAQs. What is asbestos? Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral composed mainly of silicate, with heat-resistant and fire-resistant properties.  How does asbestos cause cancer? […]

Health Problems Caused by Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos with goggles and mask

Asbestos exposure compromises the primary health of your lungs when fibers go airborne and you breathe them in. Asbestos is a group of natural mineral fibers once used in everyday materials and building projects like cement, drywall, automobile brake pads, and fire-resistant textiles.  Overexposure to asbestos can permanently impact health and normal respiratory function in […]