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What’s the Process Behind Select Demolition Services?

In some instances, the full demolition of a structure isn’t necessary or advantageous. For example, maybe the overall structure of your building and its mechanical systems are still in great shape but you need to modify the building to enhance or change its functionality. In these cases, a demo method called “select demolition” may come into play instead. 

Wondering what select demolition is and how the process works? The experienced demolition professionals at Environmental Demolition Group are here to provide more details. In this blog, we’ll explore this topic a little bit more.

What is select demolition?

Select demolition involves taking apart the interior of a structure while preserving the exterior and other portions of the building that aren’t scheduled for demolition. If a contractor determines that it’s a viable option for your project, select demolition can actually be more affordable, may allow you to repurpose materials, and will also reduce your environmental impact.

What happens during select demolition?

There are several steps that must take place for a select demolition project to be successful. They include:

  • Conduct a site survey and create a plan of action. First, an experienced demo team will conduct an extensive site survey. Then, they will create a detailed plan of action that takes the following factors into consideration:
    • The materials being handled during the project.
    • Any interference from existing structures and utility lines.
    • Which team members are best suited to complete the project.
  • Shut off existing utilities. The demo team will work with plumbers and electricians to shut off any existing utilities. This will ensure everyone’s safety and protect the facility from unnecessary damage.
  • Create and maintain an egress path. Since some materials from the demo project may be reused later, it’s important to have a clear egress path that can be used to remove these materials from the site. This will ensure that any removal of materials (whether they are to be reused or recycled) is easy, effective, and efficient.

Safety First

Part of select demolition includes safety first. Any team that works in select demolition must put the safety of people ahead of anything else. That’s why there are state and federal regulations in place for select demolition services, such as those provided by the team at Environmental Demolition Group.

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