How Select Demolition Preserves the History of Buildings

Historic buildings have intrinsic value, contain hidden valuable gems (symbolically), and are reminders of a city’s culture and complexity. Preserving historic buildings also conserves resources, reduces waste, and saves money by repairing and reusing existing structures instead of building new ones. Not surprisingly, there are many reasons why a construction team may want to preserve a building instead of completely tearing it down and starting from scratch.

Select demolition is a demo method that preserves certain portions of a building that are not scheduled for demolition. For construction projects that involve old, historic buildings, this may be the preferred method of demolition, especially if the building is structurally sound.

At Environmental Demolition Group, we can guide you through the select demolition process. If it’s applicable to your project, here’s how it may preserve the history of older buildings.

Select demolition does not fully demolish a building

Contrary to what you might be tempted to believe, select demolition doesn’t mean a building will be fully demolished or destroyed. Instead, this demo method is one that intentionally preserves certain parts of a building and leaves much of the facade intact. 

While removing certain components, portions of structures, or interior finishes from a historic building, the demo project may also require asbestos abatement, lead abatement, mold remediation, or similar services before the demolition can occur.

The select demolition process only removes non-structural elements that are contaminated or otherwise necessary for removal. However, it’s very possible to preserve the structural integrity of an old historic building using the select demolition process. Experts and engineers can assess a building to determine the best course of action.

Demo teams can preserve certain elements and reuse them

Certain elements within an older structure can be removed from the site, rehabilitated off-site, and then brought back into the building to be reused. For example, some elements of interest in older buildings might be decorative light fixtures, antique ceiling tiles, and even certain rich architectural features.

We can preserve the outside

Select demolition services can preserve the exterior of a building, including brick, masonry and stone. That gives construction crews or specialists a chance to bring those elements back to their former glory.

Learn more about our select demolition services

Whether an old building is a historical landmark, has cultural significance, or is an architectural icon, the experienced demo professionals at Environmental Demolition Group are available to help guide and complete your demolition project. Contact us online or call (859) 363-4863 for more details on our demolition services.