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How We Handle Asbestos Removal in Cincinnati

Asbestos was widely used as a fire-resistant material from the 1930s to the 1970s. Old buildings in Cincinnati may contain this cancer-causing substance, commonly found in building structures, including ceilings, walls, and floors.

Only asbestos abatement companies and professionals should assess, handle, remove, and dispose of materials containing this mineral.

Environmental Demolition Group will show you how we handle asbestos removal in Cincinnati and other areas following state and federal regulations.

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Creating an Asbestos Abatement Plan

First things first. An industrial hygienist, a licensed and highly trained professional, will assess a building and how an area must be treated for asbestos removal in Cincinnati. This process includes handling preparation and site cleanup while following all local, state, and federal laws. All asbestos abatement professionals must follow this plan.

Marking & Setting Up Hazardous Areas

Before one ounce of asbestos is removed from a building in Cincinnati, our professional crew will clearly mark the hazardous area and warn anyone to stay away from the site, whether the building is occupied or not. Anyone entering the hazardous area must have a license to do so.

Setting up the regulated work area within the hazardous zone follows the demarcation of the hazardous area. Any areas of the building not undergoing asbestos removal in Cincinnati must be securely sealed off, typically with thick plastic sheeting, which is designed to prevent asbestos from moving into an unsecured area.

Removing Asbestos From Your Cincinnati Building

Asbestos abatement companies in Cincinnati can then start to remove materials. Our team will utilize hand tools and wet methods to remove asbestos fibers. Wet methods reduce the release of asbestos fibers using a mixture of water and detergent sprayed on the surface. There is a prescribed amount of wetness that doesn’t create a slurry, yet the material can’t absorb any more liquid.

Vacuuming also occurs with asbestos removal in Cincinnati. We’ll use special vacuums with HEPA filters to minimize the dispersal of asbestos fibers. All of the staff will wear protective equipment, including breathing masks, coveralls, gloves, boots, and special hazmat suits to make sure they don’t come in contact with asbestos fibers.

Cleaning All Work Areas

After every asbestos-containing building material is removed, work surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned, and air samples will be taken. All barriers and the hazardous work area cannot be removed until after the asbestos abatement company in Cincinnati has completed clearance testing and everything is green.

Following the clearance, we’ll remove all containment barriers, re-clean the work area with HEPA vacuums, and then create a comprehensive report that shows you all records, permits, site logs, and licensing as required by law. Your company will receive a copy of the report. 

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Talk Asbestos removal in Cincinnati

Asbestos removal in Cincinnati for older buildings is no small matter. It takes proper planning, sealing, and site work to accomplish.

Contact Environmental Demolition Group or call 859-363-4863 to learn more about asbestos removal in Cincinnati.